Altun Ha, Baboon Sanctuary, and Zip Line

Belize Zip Line, Baboon Sanctuary, and Altun Ha Ruins – The combination of zip line, baboon sanctuary, and altun ha is a full day tour. It includes a 50 minute drive from Belize Zip to the zip line sight. As we drive to the zip line sight we will be narrating the history of Belize to You. We also will be pointing out sights of interest as we go by.


When we arrive at the zip line sight we will have a short rest room break. After the break you will be geared up and there after start the zip line tour. The zip line part of the tour last approximately 40 minutes.


After the zip line tour we will an hour to the Baboon Sanctuary. When we arrive at the Sanctuary you will be introduced to a tour guide that specializes in The Sanctuary. The tour of the sanctuary last approximately an hour. You will be hiking in the rain forest in search of howler monkeys in their natural habitat.


After the tour of the sanctuary, we will drive 45 minutes to Altun Ha Mayan Ruins. When you arrive at the ruins we will have a short restroom break. After the restroom break we will begin the tour of the ruins. The tour of the ruins last approximately 40 minutes. Whilst doing the tour of the ruins, we will do presentations on Indian History, Altun Ha History, and Present Day Mayan History.

Price: $180.00 per/ person

Group of 4 and more $165.00 per/ person